What’s the Story – A blog post someone didn’t want posted in school.

School blog post?! Someone’s nightmare has happened and a post they didn’t want seen has been posted up at school.

What’s the story? These days EVERYONE has access to the internet. High school students, middle school tweens, and even elementary school kids are sporting laptops, tablets, and personal cell phones. Between Facebook, Twitter, and random sites all over the net, there is a TON of ways for school kids to interact. Can you imagine the chaos and drama that would follow if your private online blog suddenly got posted up for the entire school to see? Imagine your crush getting the truth about your feelings, or that one person that ticks you off getting to see mile long rants about how much they suck. Your life, inner thoughts, and deepest secrets. There’s a whole world of fun school-involved drama you can write up for an unsuspecting set of characters. Need a little help for getting in to the mind of the modern school students and faculty? You can search a ton of hosted blogs at If teenagers are not your cup of tea, consider writing from the perspective of a parent or a teacher at the school. Some parents are heavily involved in school activities, what would they do to find out their personal business is now posted all over the school? How would a teacher react to finding out they are being talked about in student blogs? The janitor might have a double life that no one knew about or even suspected was possible. It could even be an official school blog post – just not one anyone was meaning to post! Consider that things involved in the blog post might not be bad things. A list of the top hottest teachers in school, or the town’s sexiest single dads? Perhaps it’s the best dressed students of all time and someone is really embarrassed to be publicly noticed.

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