A muse is a terrible thing to waste.

As we get older, we’re taught to leave behind our imaginations and join the adult world. Creativity can be easily stifled when you are concerned with school grades, career choices, family needs, and the necessities of getting through the day.

But who says you can’t be a responsible adult AND let your muse run free?

Muse Inspired wants to flex your creativity with writing prompts, character questions, helpful guides, and resources.

Story Starters

Sentence starters and writing prompts to get you going.

Refining Writing

Guides and resources to improve your writing techniques.

Crafting Creatures

Prompts and setups for making unique creatures.

Fabricating Flora

Ideas and queries for creating your world’s plant life.

Creating Characters

Questions to help develop interesting and living characters.

Siring Settings

Inspiration for creating unique locations and places.

Cultivating Cultures

Questions and prompts for developing cultures and societies.

Blog Topics

Simple questions you can answer in your journals and blogs to create content.