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A muse is a terrible thing to waste.

As we get older, we’re taught to leave behind our imaginations and join the adult world. Creativity can be easily stifled when you are concerned with school grades, career choices, family needs, and the necessities of getting through the day.

But who says you can’t be a responsible adult AND let your muse run free?

Muse Inspiration wants to flex your creativity. People lead happier, healthier lives when they are able to daydream, imagine, and think. The content you’ll find here is meant to jog your imagination, give you affirmation, lift your spirits and help you do little things to make each day a little nicer.

Let’s make the world a more interesting place together!

Character Development – What’s their style of underwear?

Did you know that the kind of underwear you choose reflects a part of your personality? What kind of underwear do YOU wear? Why do you wear that style or cut? Do you like wearing boxers so you can feel more relaxed? Do you wear lacy black panties to feel sexy? Do you...