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A muse is a terrible thing to waste.

As we get older, we’re taught to leave behind our imaginations and join the adult world. Creativity can be easily stifled when you are concerned with school grades, career choices, family needs, and the necessities of getting through the day.

But who says you can’t be a responsible adult AND let your muse run free?

Muse Inspiration wants to flex your creativity. People lead happier, healthier lives when they are able to daydream, imagine, and think. The content you’ll find here is meant to jog your imagination, give you affirmation, lift your spirits and help you do little things to make each day a little nicer.

Let’s make the world a more interesting place together!

Describe the Setting – An inn of ill repute.

An inn of ill repute. Describe this...
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Character Development – How do they handle a stranger approaching them at a bar?

How does your character handle being approached by a stranger at a...
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What’s the story? – A gold coin at the end of a rainbow.

There is a gold coin at the end of a rainbow. What’s the...
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Character Development – What are five songs that would be on their playlist?

What are five songs that would be on your character’s music...
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What’s the Story – A fan that wins a contest to meet their favorite idol.

A fan wins a contest to meet their favorite idol. What...
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Character Development – Whose number is at the top of their emergency contact list?

If your character was taken to the hospital, whose number would be at the top of their emergency contact list? You never know when you might have an accident – and that is no different for our characters. Who would be the top of the list for your character?...
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What’s The Story? – The Djinn of Apartment #12.

There is a djinn in apartment number twelve. Nothing is normal when a genie is next door. If you’re not sure what a “djinn” is, that is one of the alternate names for a Genie. When you hear the word genie, most people will probably think about...
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Don’t just share pictures, BE the person that inspires motivational images!

It’s easy to share an inspiring picture, try BEING the person that will inspire motivational images! People love to share motivational images. But how many people actually follow the advice or try to live by their messages? I check Facebook every day to get most...
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Character Development – Describe their eyes in detail.

Eyes – Everyone has them, describe them in detail for your character. The eyes are the window to the soul. We hear this all the time. For this exercise, describe them in as much detail as possible. Here are some things to consider! The Shape: almond, round,...
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Describe the Setting – A den of taxidermy animals.

You have walked in to a den of taxidermy animals. What do you see? A den of taxidermy animals. It invokes an instant image in your brain. Describe this setting with as much detail as you can muster. This could be a hunter’s lodge deep in a fantasy world’s...
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