Character Development – What kind of drunk is your character?

  • What are their opinions on alcohol itself? What about other people drinking alcohol?
  • Have they ever had alcohol? Do they drink occasionally, or often? With friends? Alone?
  • Are they an alcoholic or a recovering alcoholic? Are they susceptible to becoming one?
  • Why do they drink, or what situations WOULD they drink in?
  • Can they handle their alcohol? How much alcohol does it take to get them tipsy? Turbo drunk? Blackout drunk?
  • When they are intoxicated, what sort of behavior do they have? Do they get giggly? Horny? Angry? Sad?
  • How do they respond to their friends and loved ones when they get drunk? How do they respond to enemies?
  • Does this character have awareness about how drunk they are and try not to behave all drunk? Or are they oblivious and lost all inhibitions and control of themselves?
  • Do they get really bad hangovers or are they able to shake it off easy?
  • After one hell of a drinking binge, are they likely to drink again?

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