Terms of Use

  1. Be mindful and respectful while interacting within the MuseInspired community. We do not allow rude and hateful comments. This includes; bigotry, racism, sexism, slurs, harassment, or other forms of hate speech and oppression towards individuals, orientations, interests, religions, or politics. Where we understand feelings and opinions on such topics run hot, under no circumstances is violence, threats, or harassment ever appropriate.
  2. Place content warnings where applicable. Not everyone is comfortable with things like violence, gore, or sexual content. If your content might contain something that mainstream society currently considers as a risque topic, a warning label will help readers decide if they wish to continue reading.
  3. Use spoiler warnings when necessary. Spoilers can ruin a story for many people. Make use of spoiler warnings to help protect each other’s enjoyment of a subject.
  4. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is the direct copy of someone else’s work to claim as your own. This includes taking someone else’s work to slightly change a few words.
  5. All images shared on MuseInspired must be “safe for work/school”. This means no porn, no nudity, nothing that has curse words on it, rude commentary, etc.
  6. Donations to MuseInspired are non-refundable. Before you donate, make sure you really WANT to donate. Because MuseInspired is not a business, donations are going directly in to paying the site costs and necessary bills.
Failing to adhere by these Terms of Use can result in your community privileges being revoked.